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Little Known Facts About John Little Known Facts About John

Date of Birth:  June 7, shares with Tom Jones, Prince and Liam Neeson.

Favorite Sport/Activities to Do:  Golf and Trail Running.  Loves Travel and Photography.

Female-Dominated Family:  Wife Debbie, two daughters one granddaughter, two female Maine Coon cats and one male Maine Coon.  “A minority in a sorority.”

Career Shift:  Concentrated on entirely voice overs for a living in 1991.

Voice heard in unusual places:  The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee and…

10 Questions with John

    10 Questions with ... John Willyard November 2, 2009


         Voice Overs/Owner -- John Willyard Productions, Inc. 1991-Present

         Voice/Producer -- Bill Young Productions, 1991-1995

         Image Voice/Creative Producer/Air Personality -- KEZR-FM San Jose, 1990-1991

         Image Voice/Creative Producer/Air Personality -- WSTR/WQXI Atlanta, 1987-1990

         Program Director/Air Personality/Image Voice --…